AU Reforms: Operational Efficiency & Effectiveness

To deliver on its mandate to drive Africa's’ integrated and inclusive economic growth and development, it is important that the business of the African Union is managed efficiently and effectively at both the political and operational levels.

Reforms are recommended in areas related to the convening and management of meetings of the key AU policy makers as well as ensuring that meetings organized by the AU focus on the key priorities of Agenda 2063 and any partnerships and collaborations focus on delivering these priorities.

Within the framework of the Institutional Reforms key recommendations are in 2 areas:

  1. Ensuring the AU Summit Assembly session, which is attended by the Heads of State and Government has an agenda of no more than three (3) strategic items at each Summit. In addition a review the frequency of these Summits is recommended - The Assembly to hold (1) one Ordinary Summit per year, and extraordinary sessions to be held as the need arises;
  2. Partnership Summits convened by external parties should be reviewed with a view to providing an effective framework for African Union partnerships and prioritising Africa’s development agenda;