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AEP welcome by AUC Chairperson H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat

The African Economic Platform brings together in a strategic dialogue the political, academic, intellectual and business leadership of the continent, in order to advance the implementation of the continent-wide development framework, Agenda 2063.

Our fifty-year continent-wide framework, Agenda 2063, seeks to harness efforts from all quarters – government, the private sector, civil society – towards achieving a number of key priorities, so that we can reach that tipping point of sustained growth and transformation. These priorities include education, skills development and employment creation, industrialization, infrastructure development, trade and investment and regional integration.

The African Union Commission along with the AU Foundation have been tasked to convene, every year, the African Economic Platform as a strategic dialogue between the political, business and academic leadership of the continent on Agenda 2063 and on other issues of economic transformation.

The Inaugural AEP, which will be co-hosted by the Government of Mauritius in Port Louis, from 20-22 March 2017, will provide a unique opportunity to discuss practical ways to enhance private sector participation in continental integration and economic development, and in the development of African business champions.

AUC Chairperson

H.E. Moussa Faki Mahamat