The BDCP Priorities :

I. Enhance, strengthen and sustain Accountability across the Commission:
Build a well governed Commission that relates constructively and positively with AU stakeholders by managing and meeting stakeholder expectations and by enhancing transparency accountability and inclusiveness to AUC processes and transactions.

II. Drive performance and operational efficiency within the Commission:
Pursue high performance throughout the Commission by adopting the international best practices, innovative and customer-based service and through optimal use of available human, financial and physical resources to achieve stakeholder-desired results.

III. Pursue a financially sustainable and viable Commission:
Enhance the financial viability and sustainability of the Commission by ensuring prudent, accountable and transparent use of the Commission’s financial resource and by effectively supporting efforts to help identify and develop viable alternative sources of finance to support AU programmes.

IV. Promote synergies with AU organs and RECs:
Actively engage organs and RECs by regular interaction and exchange of information to enhance a greater harmonious functioning and cooperation with the Commission in pursuit of the Union’s integration and development agenda