African Internet Exchange System (AXIS)


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Overview of African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) Project
The African Internet Exchange System project aims to keep Africa’s internet traffic local by providing capacity building & technical assistance to facilitate the establishment of Internet Exchange Points and Regional Internet Exchange Points in Africa.
Internet Exchange Point
Internet Exchange point (IXP) is a physical infrastructure where Internet Service Providers and Content Providers interconnect in order for Internet traffic exchanged between them. An Internet exchange point enables local networks to efficiently exchange information at a common point within a country rather than needing to exchange local Internet traffic overseas. Therefore an IXP is a component of Internet infrastructure that can increase the affordability and quality of the Internet for local communities. Keeping local Internet traffic within local infrastructure means that it avoids the data routing through upstream Internet providers and hence we benefit low cost, reduced latency and good bandwidth.
Watch Euro-IX Video on Internet Exchange Points
AXIS Funding Partners
African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) project is co-financed by the EU-Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund and Government of Luxembourg. African Union Commission signed an agreement with The Luxembourg Development Agency (LuxDev), the lead financier, to support implementation of the AXIS project.
The following map summarizes the implementation progress of the AXIS project to support the establishment of Internet Exchange Points at the national level. Please click the pointers to view more details in Member States (who didn’t have initially an IXP) where the support has been provided.