Request for Proposals Provision Of Consultancy Services To Prepare Proposals For The Restructuring Of The African Union Commission Pursuant To Assembly Decision

1. Is the deadline for submission of proposals on 22 February 2019? At the bottom of page 17, there is a reference to 24 May 2018, but we presume this is not correct. THE CORRECT DEADLINE IS 22nd FEBRUARY 2019
2. The RFP states that reports are required in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese. Will this apply just to the final report, or to all materials produced during the course of the study? Is the consultant required to produce translations into all four languages, as part of the project, or is this something that the AU Commission will arrange? THIS RELATES TO THE FINAL REPORT AND IS INDEED TO BE UNDERTAKEN BY THE FIRM FOR CONFIDENTIALITY REASONS AND SPEED.
3. The Terms of Reference state that the duration of the assignment will be 80 days. We interpret this as meaning that the project should be completed in 80 days (about 12 weeks), and that the number of consultant-days devoted to the work would be higher because the team will involve more than one person. Is this correct? THE WORK SHOULD BE COMPLETED IN 80 DAYS. THE NUMBER OF PERSON DAYS SHOULD NOT EXCEED 120 DAYS.
4. Is it acceptable to have a team leader with a long track record of work in institutional restructuring, even if their Master’s/PhD qualifications are outside the list of subjects specifically mentioned in the Terms of Reference (i.e., HR, Management, Communication, Law, Public Administration)? THAT IS FINE.
5. Should the final report be in Word or PowerPoint format, or are you open to either? Do you have an expectation for the length of the final report? THE FINAL REPORT SHOULD BE IN WORD BUT PROVISION SHOULD BE MADE FOR A SUMMARY POWER POINT.

January 25, 2019 to February 22, 2019
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