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AUC Drives African Agenda at the 23rd World Energy Congress

AUC Drives African Agenda at the 23rd World Energy Congress

October 13, 2016
Press Release

Istanbul, Turkey – 13th October, 2016: The AU Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy H.E. Dr. Elham M.A. Ibrahim led a delegation from the department of Infrastructure and Energy (DIE) to participate at the just concluded 23rd World Energy Congress organised by the World Energy Council (WEC) in Istanbul, Turkey from 09 to 13 October, 2016. The Congress was aimed at enabling dialogue among Energy Ministers and leaders from business, finance and academia around the world who will seek options for delivering sustainable energy systems at the national, regional and global levels.

The Congress was attended by more than 10,000 top world leaders in the field of energy, coming from governments, and international organizations, as well as the media, universities and energy industry associations. A Presidential special address were given by Heads of State and Government of Turkey, Russia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan, highlighting the emerging energy issues and challenges and the means to come up with solutions to overcome these challenges.

H.E. Dr. Elham M.A. IBRAHIM, led various Sessions during the congress including the CEO and Energy Leaders' Roundtable sessions, and the Future Energy Leaders’ meeting. On 09 October, 2016 during the Council's Executive Assembly Meeting, Dr. Elham was elected as the World Energy Council (WEC) Vice-Chair for Africa.


The key outcomes from the 23rd World Energy Congress provide different recommendations for all stakeholders in the energy industry over the world to strengthen and continue cooperation to promote all the three (3) dimensions of the Energy Trilemma, including Energy Security, Energy Equity and Sustainable Environment. Form The AUC side it should seek to enhance its co-operation with experienced research institutions and think tank organisations such as the World Energy Council in order to evaluate Africa's specific needs from its various cooperation initiatives with development partners;


The World Energy Council dedicated the 4th day of the congress to Africa with the theme "Africa: Securing a Sustainable Energy Future". The main objective of the Sessions on this day was to explore the critical drivers and innovations to secure a sustainable energy future for Africa. Under the said theme two main sessions were conducted:

  1. Empowering Africa: Realising the Potential; This Session focused on Africa's huge energy resources potential and how regional and national efforts will be required to harness these potentials. Responding as a panellist during the session, the Commissioner for infrastructure and Energy stated that the amounts and range of energy resources on the continent present huge opportunities to develop the energy sector at all levels including national, regional and continental levels. The Commissioner also highlighted the need to continue addressing the barriers in the energy sector including financing, policies and institutional frameworks, technologies as well as markets creation. She also highlighted AUC's efforts in ensuring the development of the African energy sector through the promotion regional projects as well as collaborations with partners and Member States.
  2. Energy Leaders' Roundtable - Disruptive Business models: Reshaping Rural Opportunities; This Session focused on the opportunities available and types of business models that are applicable to rural electrification projects in Africa. The Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy provided the Keynote Address at the Ministerial Roundtable, which was attended by African Energy Ministers and Experts working in Africa. The Commissioner highlighted the clear link between access to sustainable and modern energy services and poverty alleviation while also stating the various factors and challenges of providing rural energy access in Africa including affordability, accessibility and low levels of demand. The Commissioner also called for the adoption of innovation business models that are specific to rural localities in order to stimulate and accelerate sustainable energy businesses.

The World Energy Council organized a meeting during the Congress for the Future Energy Leaders “FEL-100”. The FEL-100 is an initiative of the World Energy Council designed to help shape, inspire and grow energy leaders of tomorrow. It serves as a platform for engaging a limited number of ambitious young professionals in national, regional and international activities and events with the objective to inspire participants to become the next generation of energy leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing challenges regarding energy and sustainability. Commissioner IBRAHIM delivered a keynote address to the young audience to share the AU vision for the future of the African energy sector and highlighted the AU Agenda 2063 and stressed that the Africa young generation must take lead to ensure the implementation of the Agenda.

For more information contact:

Dr. Barakat Faragalla Abdelrehim Ahmed

Special Assistant to the commissioner