Promote peace and stability, including regional initiatives, good governance, democracy and human right as a foundation for inclusion, security and the development of the continent and its people.

Expand Agricultural production, developing the Agro-processing and businesses sectors, increase market access and attain Africa’s collective Food self-sufficiency and nutrition through promotion of smallholder agriculture, sound environment and climate change and natural resource management.

Promote inclusive economic development and industrialization through the acceleration of infrastructure development projects that will aid economic integration and utilization of the continent’s mineral and other natural resources.

Build Africa’s human capacity through the prioritization of Primary Health Care and Prevention; Education, skills development and investment in science, research and innovation, access to clean water and sanitation with inclusion of the vulnerable groups.

Mainstream the participation of women and the youth in all priorities and activities of the Union and the continent.

Implement strategies of resource mobilization, with special emphasis on alternative source of funding, and/or additional funding to enable Africa to finance its programmes and development.

Strengthen a people centered Union through active communication of the programmes of the African Union, the branding of the Union and participation of Member States and other stakeholders in defining and implementing the African agenda.

Strengthen the institutional capacity of the African Union Commission, the Regional Economic Communities and other organs, and its relations with strategic and other partners.