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AUC Holds a Service Sector Development Programme (SSDP) Workshop for Member States and Recs

AUC Holds a Service Sector Development Programme (SSDP) Workshop for Member States and Recs

October 04, 2016
Press Release



Addis Ababa, 1st October 2016 - The African Union Commission Department of Trade and Industry, opened the Service Sector development workshop at the African Union Commission Headquarters.

The main objective of this workshop is to review and enrich the Service Sector Development Programme (SSD) and to build capacity of Member States and RECs in tailoring the SSDP to their respective jurisdictions.

The Service Sector Development Programme is designed to; address the need for a strategic approach to service sector development; help strengthen the capacity of AU officials to negotiate trade in services ; promote the engagement of the private sector as an active voice in the discussion.

At the opening session, Mrs. Treasure Maphanga, Director of Trade and Industry highlighted that “Services are a key determinant of competitiveness of manufacturing export and crucial for the industrial and manufacturing development of African countries, as well for boosting agricultural productivity”

Mrs. Maphanga expressed her appreciation to USAID, UNDP, EU, ILEAP, GIZ and Commonwealth secretariat for their support on the compendium of the case studies on “Services Exports for Growth and Development”.

She concluded her speech by reminding the room “With experiences around this room at Member State and REC level, I believe that at the end of this workshop, we shall have learnt some best practices that will trigger reforms in our respective jurisdictions”.

AU Member States, COMESA, EAC, as well as International organizations and UN agencies such as AUC, UNECA TRALAC, and UNCTAD are attending the workshop.

 For more information, Please contact Mrs. Carolyne Tumuhimbise, Trade Advisor, Department of Trade and Industry, at Tumuhimbisec@africa-union.org

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