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The 2nd edition of the Biennale of Luanda - "Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace"

The 2nd edition of the Biennale of Luanda - "Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace"

November 27, 2021 to December 02, 2021

The Biennale of Luanda – “Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace” is an international event jointly organized by UNESCO, the African Union and the Government of Angola. The 2021 Biennale will be held from 27 November to 2 December 2021 in a hybrid format, mixing face-to-face and digital elements.

The general public will be able to follow the Biennale live from 27 to 30 November, while the 1st and 2nd December will be dedicated to the partnership sessions which will have restricted access.

The entire event (excluding the partnership sessions) will be streamed on “Biennale TV”, freely accessible on the Biennale’s website with interpretation available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

This year, the Biennale will gather several Heads of States and Government representatives, over a hundred panelists and youth from all across Africa and its diasporas, and numerous high-level representatives, personalities and partners!

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