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Office of Strategic Planning and Delivery

Office of Strategic Planning and Delivery

The Directorate of Strategic Planning, Policy, Monitoring, Evaluation and Resource Mobilisation (SPPMERM) is mandated is to ensure smooth institutional relationships between the AU and international institutions, particularly in coordinating mobilisation of extra-budgetary resources and to coordinate strategic planning within the  AU Commission departments.

The Directorate’s functions include:

  • Develop, support and coordinate strategic plans
  • facilitate development of programmes and their implementation
  • Develop the AU Annual Budget Framework Paper;
  • Work with the Finance Directorate to finalise the AU annual budget
  • Mobilise resources from development partners and allocate them for programme implementation
  • Design the monitoring and evaluation strategy for programme assessment;
  • Provide knowledge management services by creating, acquiring storing and disseminating knowledge
  • Design monitoring and evaluation procedures for programme implementation and assessment;
  • Coordinating the development of Agenda 2063 and its implementation in its capacity as the Agenda 2063 secretariat

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