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Africa Youth Month 2020

Africa Youth Month 2020

November 01, 2020
Africa Youth Month 2020

Venue: Addis Ababa

WHAT: Africa Youth Month 2020

Theme: “Youth Voices, Actions, Engagement: Building A Better Africa”

WHEN:November 1st - November 30 2020

WHO: The African Union through the department of Human Resource, Science and Technology (HRST)

Africa Youth Month (AYM) will have a launch event on the 1st of November, Africa Youth Day, and four weeks of activities with each week themed along the 4Es of Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Engagement.

Given our global COVID realities, Africa Youth Month 2020 will be celebrated on online platforms by the Commission. We will leverage youth and partner networks to ensure reach and participation across the continent.


  1. To highlight youth excellence, engagement and impact in traditional and non- traditional engagement spaces;
  2. To encourage young people to excel in their owns paces, and empower them with the tools to do so.

Africa Youth Month Calendar



Africa Youth Day (1st November)

Scavenger Hunt and Thunder clap

This year will see an amplified engagement of youth across Africa and in the diaspora, to carry out fun and instructive virtual tasks and activities to perform across the day.

Education Week (2nd – 8th November)

Showcase of innovation in education, and Continued Learning efforts across Africa during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Entrepreneurship Week (9th – 15th November)

Entrepreneurship and innovation showcase through conversations, interviews and social media engagement

Employment Week (16th – 22nd November)

Skills and employment showcase through conversations, interviews, social media engagement and opportunities.

Engagement week (23rd – 30th November)

Launch of the AU Youth Engagement Toolbox: It will be launched online on the AUC website on the 23rd of November, and will be used for the 2020 Model African Union training.

Model African Union and Advocacy Training: Building on the Model African Union events from previous years, the engagement team will hold a training of youth community actors on the AU Youth Engagement Toolbox. The training will include an advocacy component, a community engagement component and an adapted simulation of the AU Heads of State summit. It will hold from the 24th -27th of November, 2020

Background Information

When the African Youth Charter was adopted through an Executive Council Decision of the Banjul Summit of 2006 (DOC.EX.CL./292 (IX), the 1st of November was proclaimed as “African Youth Day (AYD).” The African Youth Day celebrations aim to increase awareness of, commitment to and investment in youth; increase and strengthen youth participation and partnerships, as well as increase intercultural exchanges and understanding among young people. The AUC through consultation with partners determines a theme for the Day annually.
In acknowledging that young people are at the very heart of Africa’s development agenda, the 2020 Africa Youth Month (AYM) theme is a clarion call to all youth development stakeholders - governments, international organizations, development partners, private sector, civil society, and all African youth on the continent and in the diaspora – to amplify and shine a spotlight on the voices, actions and engagements of African youth as they build a better Africa. The focus of the 1 Million by 2021 Initiative on Education, Employment,Entrepreneurship and Engagement is underpinned by a firm foundation of strategic partnerships among stakeholders, and acknowledges young people beneficiaries and partners. 

You can engage with our activities on social media through sharing and using the hashtags; #1mBy2021, #BuildingABetterAfrica, #AYM2020 and #MyPower

For more information contact:

Ms. Nontobeko Tshabalala, Youth Division, Human Resources, Science and Technology Department, African Union Commission Tel: +251 911 3611 85, E-mail:

For media inquiries contact:

Ms. Janet Faith Adhiambo Ochieng, Communications Officer-Agenda 2063, Directorate of Information and Communication, Africa Union Commission E-mail:

Directorate of Information and Communication | African Union Commission I E-mail: I Website: I Addis Ababa | Ethiopia Follow Us: Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Youtube



Statement on the Commemoration of Africa Youth Day
AUC Chairperson Africa youth day Statement
November 01, 2020
Statement On the Commemoration Of Africa Youth Month, November 2020
Statement on the Commemoration of Africa Youth Month, November 2020
November 01, 2020

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