Call for Membership: Youth Advisory Board for the AU 2017 Theme "Harnessing the Demographic Dividend Through Investments in Youth"

May 26, 2017

Young people under the aged 15 to 35 account for 40% of the African population and are considered a youth bulge that can positively impact the development of the continent. Considering this youth bulge and the priorities of the AU Agenda 2063, the AU Heads of States and Governments declared 2017 the year for “Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through investments in youth”. The roadmap developed in response to the theme of the year has 4 pillars namely; Education and skills development, Health and wellbeing, Rights, Governance and Youth Empowerment and Employment and Entrepreneurship. The AU Demographic Dividend Roadmap sets out immediate actions for focused and expanded investments in Africa’s youth across the four pillars named above.

All applications must be emailed to with the subject: YAB2017 by Friday, 26th of May 2017 at 5pm GMT+3