To develop, plan and conduct activities designed to provide information about the AU, and to promote increased awareness about its aims and activities through various information tools and mechanisms.

Core Functions
i. To serve as the focal point for disseminating information and act as the spokesperson for the Commission;
ii. To draft news releases, correspondence or other information publications, and assist with the distribution of information materials;
iii. To manage, formulate and coordinate the development and implementation of outreach as well as advocacy programmes for the Commission;
iv. To establish and maintain lines of communication with constituencies, NGOs, policy institutions, academia, foundations and associations, as well as identify, and coordinate action on opportunities to foster support for the objectives and activities of the Organisation;
v. To formulate and advise on promotional strategies for press conferences, meetings and other activities planned for the outreach and advocacy programmes;
vi. To organize the research and drafting of materials related to issueoriented campaigns and events;
vii. To ensure the development and maintenance of the website as well as relevant automated databases;
viii. To provide editorial advice, statements, speeches and replies to frequently asked and anticipated questions for use by senior management;
ix. To serve as focal point for relations with, and support for, departments and programmes on communication and public information strategies and information dissemination.
x. To co-ordinate the implementation of the decisions of the meetings of the African Ministers of Information.
xi. To explore the possibility of establishing and managing a television and radio station for the African Union an African Union radio, TV and newspaper.