Resource Mobilization

Strategies for resource mobilization, including alternative and additional sources of funding, to enable Africa to finance its programmes and development in place

The African Union Commission has developed strong collaboration and partnerships with donors and other partners. These have secured for the Commission significant financial and technical resources; estimates put partner support to the Commission's programme budget at 96per cent. This situation is an unhealthy over-reliance on external partners and does not reflect well on the commitment by Member States to the vision of the African Union. This needs to be reversed as soon as possible.

Over the Strategic Plan period, the Commission will pursue the goal of ensuring a financially sustainable and viable Commission. In this regard, a Resource Mobilization Strategy and Framework aimed at ensuring a more predictable income stream to support its activities will be formulated and implemented.

A key related output is developing a strategy for tapping alternative sources of funding in order to diversify the Commission's resource base.Tothis end, the Commission will finalize and implement the report oftheHigh Level Panel on Alternative Sources of Funding.

To implement these strategies and actions under this outcome, the Commission's Bureau of the Chairperson will take the lead. For each output under this outcome the lead AUC departments, the cooperating departments and the external partners have been identified.

RECs and Member States' institutions are the principal actors in the implementation and monitoring of actions on the ground, working closely with the NPCA.