Assembly of the African Union Thirteenth Ordinary Session

1.Assembly/AU/Dec.243(XIII) Rev.1
Decision on the Abuse of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction – Doc. Assembly /AU/11 (XIII) 1
2. Assembly/AU/Dec.244(XIII) Decision on the Appointment of members of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights – Doc.EX.CL/533(XV)1
3.Assembly/AU/Dec.245(XIII) Rev.1 Decision on the Report of the Commission on the Meeting of African States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Tribunal (ICC) – Doc. Assembly/AU/13 (XIII) 3
4.Assembly/AU/Dec.246(XIII) Decision on the Hissene Habre Case Doc. Assembly/AU/12 (XIII) Rev.1 1
5.Assembly/AU/Dec.247(XIII) Decision on the African Union Commission Strategic Plan 2009-2012 - Doc. Assembly/AU/3 (XIII) 1
6.Assembly/AU/Dec.248(XIII) Decision on the Accession of the African Union to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol Rev.1
7. Assembly/AU/Dec.249(XIII) Decision on the Report On The Election Of Members Of The African Union Commission On International Law Doc. Ex.CL/534(XV)1
8.Assembly/AU/Dec.250(XIII) Decision on the Proclamation of 2010 “INTERNA TIONAL YOUTH YEAR” – Doc. Assembly/AU/15 (XIII) Add.1
9. Assembly/AU/Dec.251(XIII) Decision on the Situation of the African Investment Bank Doc. EX.CL./514 (XV) 1
10. Assembly/AU/Dec.252(XIII) Decision on the Report of the Peace and Security Council on its Activities and on the Peace and Security Situation in Africa – Doc. Assembly/AU/6(XIII)6
11. Assembly/AU/Dec.253(XIII) Decision on the Prevention of Unconstitutional Changes of Government and Strengthening the Capacity of the African Union to Manage Such Situations - Doc. Assembly/AU/7(XIII)1
12.Assembly/AU/Dec.254(XIII) Rev.1
Decision on the Report of the Panel of the Wise on the Enhancement of the Role of the AU in Prevention, Management and Resolution of Election Related Disputes and Violent Conflicts in Africa – Doc. Assembly /AU/6 (XII) Annex II
Decision on the African Union Accession to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) Rev.1 - Doc.EX.CL/512(XV) Add.3

Decision to Combat the Payment of Ransom to Terrorist Groups

15.Assembly/AU/Dec.257(XIII) Rev.1
Decision on the African Common Position on Climate Change including the Modalities of the Representation of Africa to the World Summit on Climate Change – Doc.EX.CL/525 (XV)

Decision on the Establishment of an African Defence Council - Doc. Assembly/AU/15 (XIII) Add 4

17.Assembly/AU/Dec. 259 (XIII)
Decision on the Establishment of the African Agency for the Protection of Territorial and Economic Waters of African Countries – Doc. Assembly/AU/15(XIII) Add.4

18.Assembly/AU/Dec. 260 (XIII)
Decision on the Preparation of the G8 Summit – Doc. EX.CL/508(XV)

19.Assembly/AU/Dec. 261 (XIII)
Decision on the Preparation of the G8 Summit - Doc. EX.CL/508(XV)

20.Assembly/AU/Dec. 262 (XIII)
Decision on the Situation in Zimbabwe

21.Assembly/AU/Dec. 263 (XIII)
Decision on the Transformation of the African Union Commission into the African Union Authority – Doc. Doc. Assembly/ Au/4(Xiii)

22.Assembly/AU/Dec. 264 (XIII)
Decision on the Report of Heads of State and Government Implementation Committee on NEP AD – Doc. Assembly/AU/13(XIII)
23.Assembly/AU/Dec. 265 (XIII)
Decision on the Report on Member States’ Contribution

24.Assembly/AU/Dec. 266 (XIII)
Decision on the Holding of a Special Session on Consideration and Resolution of Conflicts in Africa

25.Assembly/AU/Dec. 267 (XIII)
Decision on the New African Union Flag Doc. Assembly/AU/10(XIII)

1.Assembly/AU/Decl.1(XIII) Rev.1
Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa3
2.Assembly/AU/Decl.2(XIII) Rev.1
Sirte Declaration on Investing in Agriculture for Economic Growth and Food Security – (Doc. Assembly/AU/12 (VIII)6
3.Assembly/AU/Decl.3(XIII) Rev.1
Declaration on the Confederations cup and the Preparations towards the 2010 FIFA World Cup 2
Declaration on the Celebration of the 100th Birthday Anniversary of Kwame Nkrumah 1
Declaration of the Assembly of the Union on the Coup D’état In Honduras 1

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