Executive Council Fourth Ordinary Session

1.EX/CL/Dec.75 (IV)
Decision on the Balance Sheet of the African Union as at 31 December 2002-
Doc. EX.CL/68 (IV) 1
2.EX/CL/Dec.76 (IV)
Decision on the Report of the Sub-Committee on Contributions – Doc. EX.CL/70 (IV) Rev.1 1
3.EX/CL/Dec.77 (IV)
Decision on the Alternative Sources of Funding the African Union – Doc. EX.CL/71 (IV) 1
Decision on the Preferential Exchange Rates for Salaries used in the Brussels and Geneva Offices of the Commission
Doc. EX/CL/72(IV) 1
5.EX/CL/Dec.79 (IV)
Decision on the Operationalization of the Peace and Security Council 1
6.EX/CL/Dec.80 (IV)
Decision on Election and Appointment of AU Commissioners - Doc. EX.CL/77 (IV) 1
Decision on the Election of Members of the Peace and Security Council - Doc. EX.CL/78(IV) 1
8.EX/CL/Dec.82 (IV)
Decision on the African Centre for Studies and Research on Terrorism (ACSRT) 1
9.EX/CL/Dec. 83(IV)
Decision on the Recruitment 1
10.EX/CL/Dec. 84(IV)
Decision on the Report of the Status of Implementation of Maputo Decisions - 1
11.EX/CL/Dec.85 (IV)
Decision on the Draft Additional Protocol to the OAU/AU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism 1
12.EX/CL/Dec.86 (IV)
Decision on African Candidatures for Posts within the International System 3
13.EX/CL/Dec.87 (IV)
Decision on the Islamic Republic of Mauritania 1
14.EX/CL/Dec.88 (IV)
Decision on the Digital Solidarity Fund 1
15.EX/CL/Dec.89 (IV)
Decision on the Eradication of Polio by 2005 1
Decision on AU Symbols Competition 1
Decision on the Establishment of Regional Offices of the African Union in the Five Geographical Regions 1
18.EX/CL/Dec.92 (IV)
Decision on the Relations between the African Continent and Other Continents of the World 1

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Friday, March 12, 2004 - 08:00
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