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Executive Council Twelfth Ordinary Session

1 EX.CL/Dec.378 (XII)
Decision on the Draft Budget for the AU Commission for 2008 – Doc. EX.CL/367 (XII) 2
2 EX.CL/Dec.379 (XII)
Decision on the Contributions of Member States – Doc. EX.CL/369 (XII)-c 1
3 EX.CL/Dec.380 (XII)
Decision on the Status of Signature and Ratification of OAU/AU Treaties – Doc. EX.CL/371 (XII) 1
4 EX.CL/Dec.381 (XII)
Decision on the Situation of Refugees, Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa – Doc. EX.CL/372 (XII) 1
5 EX.CL/Dec.382 (XII)
Decision on the Rules of Procedure of the Revitalized African Union Coordinating Committee on Assistance and Protection to Refugees,
Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons in Africa (CCAR) – Doc. EX.CL/372 (XII) 1
6 EX.CL/Dec.383 (XII)
Decision on the Preparation of the Twelfth Session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
– Doc. EX.CL/375 (XII) 1
7 EX.CL/Dec.384 (XII)
Decision on the Report on the Interim Standing Committee of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) – Doc. EX.CL/377 (XII) 1
8 EX.CL/Dec.385 (XII)
Decision on the Third Session of the AU Conference of Ministers for Drug Control and Crime Prevention – Doc. EX.CL/381 (XII) 1
9 EX.CL/Dec.386 (XII)
Decision on the First African Union Diaspora Ministerial Conference – Doc. EX.CL/383 (XII) 1
10 EX.CL/Dec.387 (XII)
Decision of Executive Council on the Report of the Third Ordinary Session of the African Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology
(AMCOST III) – Doc. EX.CL/385 (XII) 1
11 EX.CL/Dec.388 (XII)
Decision on Executive Council on the Report of the Third Ordinary Session of the Conference of Ministers of Education
of the African Union (COMEDAF III) – Doc. EX.CL/386 (XII) 1
12 EX.CL/Dec.389 (XI)
Decision on Education, Science and Technology Fund – Docs. EX.CL/385 (XII) 1

13 EX.CL/Dec.390 (XII)
Decision on the Policy on Access to Post-Primary Education for Victims of Forced Displacement in Africa – Doc. EX.CL/387 (XII) 1
14 EX.CL/Dec.391 (XII)
Decision on the Outcome of the Sixth Ordinary Session of the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) – Doc. EX.CL/388 (XII) 1
15 EX.CL/Dec.392 (XII)
Decision on the Proposal to make Water and Sanitation the theme of the July 2008 Summit – Doc. EX.CL/388 (XII) 1
16 EX.CL/Dec.393 (XII)
Decision on the First African Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Road Transport – Doc. EX.CL/389 (XII) 1
17 EX.CL/Dec.394 (XI)
Decision on the Situation in Palestine and the Middle East – Doc. EX.CL/397 (XII) 3
18 EX.CL/Dec.395 (XII)
Decision on Purchase of Property to accommodate African Union Representational Office in Washington DC 1
19 EX.CL/Dec.396 (XI)
Decision on the Sale of the old African Union Representational Office Building in New York 1
20 EX.CL/Dec.397 (XII)
Decision on Africa’s Strategic Partnerships – Doc. EX.CL/374 (XII) 1
21 EX.CL/Dec.398 (XII)
Decision on the Fifth Ordinary Session of the Labour and Social Affairs Commission – Doc. EX.CL/382 (XII) 2
22 EX.CL/Dec.399 (XII)
Decision on the Second Pan-African Forum on Children: Mid-Term Review 1
23 EX.CL/Dec.400 (XII)
Decision on the 6th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the African Population Commission – Doc. EX.CL/384 (XII) 1
24 EX.CL/Dec.401 (XII)
Decision on Economic Partnership Agreements and the Hosting of the Third Summit of Heads of State and Government of Africa and the European
Union – Doc. EX.CL/Dec.374 (XII)-c 1
25 EX.CL/Dec.402 (XII)
Decision on Private Sector Development – Doc. EX.CL/374 (XII)-a 1
26 EX.CL/Dec.403 (XII)
Decision on the Purchase of a new Building for the Permanent Mission of the African Union in Brussels 1
27 EX.CL/Dec.404 (XII)
Decision on Paying the Representation Allowance to Commissioners – Doc. PRC/Rpt (XV) 1
28 EX.CL/Dec.405 (XII)
Decision on African Candidature for Posts within the International System 1

29 EX.CL/Dec.406 (XII)
Decision on the Representation of the African Diaspora at Assemblies of the African Union – Doc. EX.CL/406 (XII)Add.1 1
30 EX.CL/Dec.407 (XII)
Decision on the Pan-African Parliament 1
31 EX.CL/Dec.408 (XII)
Decision on the Commemoration of the Abolition of Slavery 1
32 EX.CL/Dec.409 (XII)
Decision on Election of Ten (10) Members of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union – Doc. EX.CL/402 (XII) 1
33 EX.CL/Dec.410 (XII)
Decision on Review of the Structure of the African Union Commission – Doc. EX.CL/369 (XII)-b 1
34 EX.CL/Dec.411 (XII)
Decision on Afro-Arab Cooperation – Doc. EX.CL/391 (XII) 2
35 EX.CL/Dec.412 (XII)
Decision on the Implementation of the Accra Declaration on the Union Government and the Audit of the Union – Doc. EX.CL/390 (XII) 1
36 EX.CL/Dec.413 (XII)
Decision on the Tunis Declaration on International Solidarity Against Climate Change in Africa and Mediterranean Region 1
37 EX.CL/Dec.414 (XII)
Decision on the election of AU Commissioners 1
EX.CL/Decl.1 (XII)
Declaration supporting the Candidature of the Honourable Theo-Ben Gurirab to the Post of President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union 1

Friday, January 25, 2008 - 11:00