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Interfaith Dialogue Forum



In recognition of the critical role that the faith community plays in peace, security and development in Africa and globally, the African Union Commission, through its Citizens and Diaspora Organizations (CIDO) Directorate, the directorate responsible for non-state actors, continue to foster collaboration with the faith community.

This collaboration has been on-going since 2010 and has taken several formats:

a)    The Interfaith Dialogue Forum (IFDF)

 The IFDF is spearheaded by CIDO to promote sustainable peace through religion. Originally established in Abuja, Nigeria in 2010, the forum provides information on the role of interfaith dialogue in resolving peace and security issues on the African continent. So far, three forums have been held to facilitate dialogue.

b)    The Interfaith Dialogue on Violent Extremism (iDove)

Established in 2017, iDove is a CIDO initiative aimed at utilizing religion and dialogue to prevent violent extremism. The initiative is youth-led and engages young experts from various backgrounds and religious beliefs including community workers, academicians, policy makers and creative artists from Africa, Europe, the Middle East and South and East Asia. Aside from annual youth forums, the initiative has also availed funding to four youth-led projects and has been instrumental in training young leaders on topical issues in preventing violent extremism.

c)    International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD).

PaRD brings together governmental, intergovernmental, civil society organizations and faith-based organisations to harness the social capital and capacities vested in faith communities for sustainable development.

The African Union through CIDO has been a member of PARD since 2017 and is the only African member. PARD’s areas of engagement include knowledge exchange, capacity building and joint advocacy.

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