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What are the status and entitlements of interns at AUC?


The Commission will have no financial obligation towards the interns.
Costs and arrangements for travel, visas, accommodation and living expenses are the responsibility of interns or their sponsoring institutions.
AUC accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of interns or for costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Interns are fully responsible for arranging at their own expense health and other forms of insurance covering the period of internship at AUC.
At the end of the internship period, an intern will have to submit a brief report on the experiences gained and challenges encountered during the internship programme.
Interns are not allowed to acquire any position in the African Union Commission until after a period of six (6) months from the date of separation or/and the internship has elapsed.

Interns have to exercise the utmost discretion in all matters of official business of the Commission and to not use under any circumstances any information about the Commission acquired during the internship or to communicate it to a third party or to publish it even after the end of the internship, expect with the formal written agreement of the Commission.
Any reports produced by the Intern strictly for academic purposes shall be submitted to the Commission prior to delivery to the academic authorities.
Interns shall not take with them any documents of the Commission at the end of the internship.
The conditions regulating the internship shall be set out in an internship agreement as attached in the annex.
Interns are not in any way considered as staff members of the Commission and consequently shall not be entitled to privileges and immunities nor to rights and benefits provided in the Staff Rules and Regulations. Accordingly, they shall not perform a staff member’s functions, nor represent the Commission externally.
The Intern shall comply with relevant rules and policies of the Commission.
Interns shall refrain from any conduct that would adversely affect the Commission and shall not engage in any activity that is incompatible with the mission, objectives and interests of the Commission.
The conditions regulating the internship shall be set out in an internship agreement as attached in the annex.
Interns will be not allowed to participate in official mission or participate in any training activities during their internship, as they are not considered officials or staff members of the Commission.
As the internship programme is not connected with the recruitment process, the granting of an internship should not be interpreted in any way as a preliminary step towards employment at AUC.