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Malabo Policy Learning Event (MAPLE) 2021

Malabo Policy Learning Event (MAPLE) 2021

November 22, 2021 to November 23, 2021

Announcement: Malabo Policy Learning Event (MAPLE) to be held on Monday, 22nd and Tuesday 23rd November 2021, from 2:00PM GMT +3

Background: The Malabo Declaration signed by African Governments in 2014 represented a re-commitment to the CAADP principles and goals adopted earlier in 2003 under the Maputo Declaration. The Malabo declaration went further by identifying specific goals and targets to be achieved within a period of ten years. The targets include ending hunger, tripling intra-African trade in agricultural goods and services, enhancing resilience of livelihoods and production systems, and ensuring that agriculture contributes significantly to poverty reduction.

In particular, the Malabo Declaration introduced a specific commitment on Mutual Accountability to Actions and Results which calls on AU Members State to: (i) conduct a Biennial Agricultural Review Process that involves tracking, monitoring and reporting on implementation progress; (ii)  foster alignment, harmonization and coordination among multi-sectorial efforts and multi- institutional platforms for peer review, mutual learning and mutual accountability; and (iii) strengthen national and regional institutional capacities for knowledge and data generation, and management that support evidence-based planning, implementation, monitoring and Evaluation.

In 2021, the African Union (AU), Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and Member States, in collaboration with partners collected data for the third Biennial Review report under the Malabo Declaration. This report will be presented to the Assembly of the African Union in February 2022, for consideration

Against this backdrop, the 17th CAADP PP will serve as an opportunity for main constituencies involved in supporting agriculture transformation on the continent to reflect on the main course of actions to bring Africa back on track towards ending hunger through resilient food system by 2025.

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