President Obama and African Leaders engaged in dialogue

August 06, 2016

President Obama and African Leaders engaged in dialogue

On August 6, the Summit Leaders Meetings took place. President Obama and African Leaders engaged in dialogue in three action-oriented sessions that addressed issues of shared common interest and mutual concern. 

Session 1: Investing in Africa's Future – inclusive sustainable development, economic growth and trade and investment were discussed. 

Session 2: Peace and Regional Stability – a working lunch centered around long-term solutions to regional conflict, peace keeping challenges and combating transnational threats. 

Session 3: Governing For The Next Generation – the focus was on how to enhance governance in order to deliver services to citizens and to attract and prepare for increased domestic and foreign direct trade and investment.



  1. Investing in African Trade for Our Common Future was released. It clarified strategies pertaining to the renewal and update of the African Growth Opportunities Act (AGOA), synergies through aligning assistance, improving infrastructure to enhance competitiveness, strengthen trade capacity and creation of new African markets. 
  2. Doing Business in Africa Campaign (DBIA) was released. The emphasis was on the United States' commitment to strengthen its ties and commercial relationship with Africa. 
  3. Other Materials, Outcomes and Fact Sheets directly related to the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit were: (1) U.S.-Africa Cooperation in Advancing Gender Equality  (2) U.S.-African Cooperation on Global Health (3) Shared Investment in Youth (4) U.S.-African Cooperation on Food Security(5) U.S. Engagement on Climate Change and Resilience in Africa (6) U.S. Support for Democratic Institutions, Good Governance and Human Rights in Africa (7) U.S. Support for Combating Wildlife Trafficking (8) Powering Africa: Increasing Access to Power in Sub-Saharan Africa (9) Investments Announced at Symposium for African Spouses Hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Former First Lady Laura Bush. "More than $200 million committed to programs that will empower more than 1 million people in Africa." (10) U.S. Support for Peacekeeping in Africa (11) Security Governance Initiative  (12) Partnering to Counter Terrorism in Africa