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Fund for African Pharmaceutical Development (FAP-D) MEETING 7-9 August, 2018 Cairo, Egypt

Fund for African Pharmaceutical Development (FAP-D) MEETING 7-9 August, 2018 Cairo, Egypt

August 07, 2018 to August 09, 2018

Partnering Institutions:
I. Introduction

The Executive Council decision EX.CL/Dec.970 (XXXI), July 2017, endorsed the recommendation of the second specialized technical committee on Health, Population and Drug control (STC-HPDC-2) to establish of a Fund for African Pharmaceutical Development (FAP-D) and request the Commission and the NEPAD Agency to establish a Technical Working Group to define the modalities, scope of work, legal and institutional implications of a Fund; and to seek support of the STC on Finance, Monetary Affairs, Economic Planning and Integration; and the STC on Trade, Minerals and Industry for the establishment, funding and implementation of the Fund.

The Commission in partnership with the African Development Bank and the Africa Export -Import Bank(“Afreximbank”) is hosting a consultation that shall bring experts and persons with experience in Pharmaceutical, Finance, Banking and the Private Sector to determine the modalities of setting up the Fund for pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa.

The fund for pharmaceutical manufacturing is to catalyze, mobilize and channel financial resources to the development of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector in Africa. The urgent need for such a fund is substantiated by the existing financing gaps in the pharmaceutical industry, which precludes innovative private firms to access finance, technology and innovation required to develop and grow the industry. The inadequacy of robust and reliable funding mechanism puts current continental initiatives and accompanying strategic plans at a risk of failure, especially efforts to adopt international standards of GMP and build capacity in pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa. Such initiatives include the African Union (AU), Africa Industrial Development Pan for Africa (AIDS, the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa (PMPA) and the African Medicines Regulatory Harmonization (AMRH) initiative.

II. Objectives

The meeting primary objective is to brain storm and define the type of fund/s scope of work, legal and institutional modalities towards the setting up of a fund to support pharmaceutical manufacturing in Africa.

The issues for consideration include but are not limited to the following:
a) Type of sustainable funding mechanism that is most suited to support African Pharmaceutical Manufactures;
b) New funding sources and Replenishment mechanisms;
c) Criteria for equitable access and the contextual incentive framework that will support effective and efficient utilization of the funds;
d) Technical support for the management of the Fund and technical support for beneficiaries of the Fund;
e) Regulation and Protection of Local Industries;
f) Risk Reduction Strategies that will attract traditional funding institutions; and
g) Guidelines and Frameworks that would generate interest, investment and partnerships.

Expected Output:
a) Recommendations that can be present to the relevant STC’s to include the STC’s on Health, Population and Drug Control, Finance, Justice and Legal Affairs and Trade and Industry.

III. Structure:

The meeting will feature presentations and plenary discussions.

IV. Role of Partnering Institutions:

The Africa Development Bank (AfDB) and African Export-Import Bank as the lead partner shall partner with the AUC in the conceptualization and conduct of the meeting.

V. Participants

The Consultation will be composed of 25 professionals and experts from the Pharmaceutical, Finance, Banking and the Private Sector, representation from the 8 recognized regional Economic Communities (RECs), Consultants in the Pharmaceutical industries and key partners (AFDB, Afreximbank and ECA).

VI. Language, Dates and Venue

The Meeting will be held from 7-9 August, 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. The Meeting will be conducted in English and French.

VII. Logistics

The Commission has arranged for the sponsorship of the STC- Bureau representatives, 8 RECs and 2 consultants. The sponsorship will cover roundtrip economy air ticket and per diem for the duration of the meeting.


Additional information could be obtained from the following:

Dr. Margaret Agama-Anyetei
Head of Division, Health, Nutrition and Population
Department of Social Affairs
African Union Commission Cc: