The Pan African University Strategic Planning Committee Meets to discuss the PAU further development

September 05, 2018

The Pan African University Strategic Planning Committee Meets to discuss the PAU further development

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 5 September, 2018 - The Pan African University Strategic Planning Committee held a meeting aimed to discuss on and provide inputs to further develop the Pan African University (PAU). More specifically, the meeting’s objective was to look at the draft strategic planning document, which was further revised and developed from its original version.

The draft PAU Strategic Planning (SP) document presents a five-year plan for the Pan African University (PAU). This plan marks the first such endeavor for this multi-country and multi-campus university to drive its growth and development in the next five years—and beyond.

The Strategic planning process has been supported by AUC partners including EU and GIZ. Four international senior consultants, worked intensively on the first draft, which was handed over to PAU at the end of July 2018. The draft was thereafter carefully reviewed and further developed by a team of experts, namely Prof. Berhanu Abegaz, Prof. Damtew Teferra and Mr. Bart Fonteyne.

The role of the Strategic Planning Committee is to further accompany the process, provide guidance and ensure that the plan captures the priorities for PAU to fulfill its vision and mission.

The meeting was opened by Prof. Peter Okebukola & Prof. Kassa Belay, the PAU Interim Deputy Rector who delivered opening remarks and made a presentation of the agenda. After the opening remarks Prof. Teferra made a presentation of the Strategic Plan for PAU. Thereafter, the SP Committee members discussed on several presentations on the PAU strategy Matrix including inter alia:

- An overview of PAU strategy Matrix;
- Research for development;
- Human capital development;
- Pan African Integration, Outreach, Cooperation and Transfer;
- Governance and Management;
- Financial Sustainability and Infrastructure etc.

As a way forward, Prof. Berhanu and Prof. Damtew, strategic planning committee members and outstanding experts in Higher Education Institution building in Africa will play an important role in driving the finalization of the strategic plan further. The feedback the committee provided was taken up by them to ensure that the document is ready to be validated by PAU stakeholders in October during a validation workshop scheduled from 16-17 October 2018.

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