An Integrated, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa.

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Assembly of Heads of State and Government First Ordinary Session


1.Ass/AU/Dec.1 (l)
Decision on the Interim Period 1
2. Ass/AU/Dec.2 (l)
Decision on the establishment of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union 1
3. Ass/AU/Dec.3 (l)
Decision on the proposed Amendments to Articles of the Constitutive Act of the African Union 1
4. Ass/AU/Dec.4 (l)
Decision on the Situation in Madagascar 1
5. Ass/AU/Dec.5 (l)
Decision on the Establishment of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union 1
1. Ass/AU/Decl.1 (l)
Declaration on the Implementation of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) 2
2. Ass/AU/Decl.2 (l)
The Durban Declaration on Tribute to the Organization of African Unity on the occasion of the Launching of the African Union 3
3. Ass/AU/Decl.3 (l)
Declaration on the Proclamation by the African Union of a Capacity Building Decade in Africa 2

Assembly of Heads of State and Government Thirty-Eighth Ordinary Session


1. AHG/Dec. 171 (XXXVIII) Decision on the 15th Annual Activity Report of the African Commission on Human And People’s Rights 1
2. AHG/Dec. 172 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Report of the African Committee on the Rights and Welfare of the Child 1
3. AHG/Dec. 173 (XXXVIII) Decision on Lockerbie Case 1-2
4. AHG/Dec. 174 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Status Report on Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) 1-2
5. AHG/Dec. 175 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Conference on Security, Stability, Development Cooperation and (CSSDCA) 1-2
6. AHG/Dec. 176 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Place of the African Population Commission (APC) in the African Union 1
7. AHG/Dec. 177 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Place of the OAU Labour and Social Affairs Commission in the African Union 1
8. AHG/Dec. 178 (XXXVIII) Decision on the World Solidarity and Poverty Reduction Fund 1
9. AHG/Dec. 179 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Control of Arterial Hypertension in Africa 1-2 10. AHG/Dec. 180 (XXXVIII) Decision on Support for Mr Juan
Somavia 1-2
11. AHG/Dec. 181(XXXVIII) Decision on African Process For The Development And Protection of the Marine And Coastal Environment In Africa 1-2
12. AHG/Dec. 182 (XXXVIII) Decision on the Implementation and Universality of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Development,
Production, Stockpiling And Use of Chemical Weapons and on their Destruction 1
13 AHG/Dec. 183 (XXXVIII) Decision on Development in the Middle East and Palestine 1-4
14 AHG/Dec. 184 (XXXVIII) Resolution on the Return of the Pillaged African Monument the Obelisk of Axum 1-2
15 AHG/Decl. 1 (XXXVIII) Declaration on the Principles governing Democratic Elections In Africa 1-7 AHG/Dec.171 (XXXVIII)
16 AHG/Decl. 2 (XXXVIII) Declaration on developments in Angola 1

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