Assembly of the African Union Seventeenth Ordinary Session

• Decision on the Theme “Accelerating Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development” – Doc. Assembly/AU/2(XVII)
• Decision on Alternative Sources of Financing the African Union – Doc. EX./CL/656(XIX)
• Decision on the Specialized Technical Committees – Doc. EX.Cl/666(XIX)
• Decision on the Implementation of the Assembly Decisions on the International Criminal Court – Doc. EX.CL/670(XIX)
• Decision on the Report of the Implementation of the Roadmap and Global African Diaspora Process – Doc. EX.CL/686(XIX)
• Decision on the Theme, Date and Venue of the Eighteenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union
• Decision on the Report of the Peace and Security Council on its Activities and the State of Peace and Security in Africa – Doc. Assem bly/AU/4(XVI I)
• Decision on the Report of the Committee of Ten Heads of State and Government on the Reforms of the United Nations Security Council - Doc. Assembly/AU/6(XVII)
• Decision on the Hissene Habre Case – Doc. Assemby/AU/8(XVI I)
• Decision on The Transformation of The African Union Commission into The African Union Authority – Doc. Assem bly/AU/9(XVI I)
• Decision on the Allocation of the Pan-African University Institute on Water and Energy Science, including Climate Change
• Decision on the Budget of the African Union for the 2012 Financial Year – Doc. EX/CL/657(XIX)
• Decision on Africa‟s Preparation for Seventeenth Conference of the Parties/Seventh Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto
• Protocol - Doc. Assembly/AU/7(XVII)
• Decision on the Implementation of the Great Green Wall Programme – Doc. EX.CL/656(XIX)
• Decision on the Election of One Member of the African Union Commission on International Law – Doc. EX.CL/682(XIX)
• Decision on the Election of Five Members of the African Commission on Human and Peoples‟ Rights – Doc.
• Decision on the African Union Decision-Making Process, Lack of Implementation of Decisions, and the Need to Uphold and Respect the Integrity of Assembly Decisions by all Member States – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVII) Add.1
• Decision on the Conclusions of the International Symposium on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Independence of African Countries – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVII) Add.2
• Decision on Africa‟s Preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (RIO+20); Common Positions and Strategies in the face of the challenge of Green
• Economy and International Governance of the Environment - Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVI I) Add.3
• Decision on the Jacques Diouf Prize on Food Security– Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVII) Add.4
• Decision on the Support of a Draft Resolution at the Sixty
Sixth Ordinary Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations to Ban Female Genital Mutilation in the World– Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVII) Add.5
• Decision on the Project to Establish the African Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (CAETIC) in Tunis, Republic of Tunisia – Doc.Assembly/AU/1 2(XVII) Add.7
• Decision on the Situation in Libya
• Decision on the Report of Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee on the New Partnership for Africa Development – Doc. Assembly/AU/5(XVII)
• Decision on the Offer of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to host the 3rd Africa-South America Summit
• Decision on the use of Spanish within the African Union
• Decision on the UNESCO-Obiang Nguema Mbasogo
• International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences
• Decision on the Tenth Anniversary of the World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance and the Durban Declaration And Plan of Action
• Declaration on Creating Employment for Accelerating Youth Development and Empowerment
• Solemn Declaration on The Sudan
• Resolution on the Lifting of the Economic and Trade Embargo imposed on the Republic of Cuba by the United States of America

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