Executive Council Eleventh Ordinary Session

1 EX.CL/Dec.348 (XI) Decision on the Harmonization of the
Remuneration Policy of the Commission
Doc. EX.CL/329 (XI) 1
2 EX.CL/Dec.349 (XI) Decision on the Review of the AU Social
Security System – Doc. EX.CL/330 (XI) 1
3 EX.CL/Dec.350 (XI) Decision on the Adjustment to the Maputo
Structure Part C – Volume II –Doc. EX.CL331 (XI) 1
4 EX.CL/Dec.351 (XI) Decision on the Structure of the African
Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights – Doc.
EX.CL/331 (XI) 1
5 EX.CL/Dec.352 (XI) Decision on the Report on the Status of the
OAU/Treaties – Doc. EX.CL/339 (XI) 1
6 EX.CL/Dec.353 (XI) Decision on the Situation of Refugees,
Returnees and Displaced Persons in Africa –
Doc. EX.CL/340 (XI) 1
7 EX.CL/Dec.354 (XI) Decision on the Implementation of the
Agenda of the African Union on Free
Movement in Africa – Doc. EX.CL/341 (XI) 1
8 EX.CL/Dec.355 (XI) Decision on Africa-European Union Dialogue
– Doc. EX.CL/342 (XI) 1
9 EX.CL/Dec.356 (XI) Decision on Assessing Africa’s Progress
Towards the Millennium Development Goals
(MDGs) – Doc. EX.CL/332 (XI) 1
10. EX.CL/Dec.357 (XI) Decision on the Protocol on Relations
Between the African Union and the Regional
Economic Communities (RECs) – Doc. EX.CL/348 (XI) 1
11. EX.CL/Dec.358 (XI) Decision on the First African Union
Conference of Ministers Responsible for
Maritime Transport – Doc. EX.CL/349 (XI) 1

12. EX.CL/Dec.359 (XI) Decision on the Third African Union
Conference of Ministers Responsible for Air
Transport – Doc. EX.CL/350 (XI) 1
13. EX.CL/Dec.360 (XI) Decision on the First Session of the African
Union Conference of Ministers of Sports –
Doc. EX.CL/353 (XI) 2
14. EX.CL/Dec.361 (XI) Decision on the Report of the Third Session
of the AU Conference of Ministers of Health,
Johannesburg, South Africa, 9-13 April, 2007
– Doc. EX.CL/354 (XI) 1
15. EX.CL/Dec.362 (XI) Decision on the Organization of a Joint
African Union Commission and Economic
Commission for Africa Annual Conference of
Ministers of Finance, Planning and Economic
Development – Doc.EX.CL/335 (XI) 1
16. EX.CL/Dec.363 (XI) Decision on Afro-Arab Cooperation
– Doc. EX.CL/356 (XI) 1
17. EX.CL/Dec.364 (XI) Decision on WTO Negotiations
– Doc. EX.CL/359 (XI) 1
18. EX.CL/Dec.365 (XI) Decision on the Situation in the Middle East
and Palestine – Doc. EX.CL/360 (XI) 3
19. EX.CL/Dec.366 (XI) Decision on the African Committee of
Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the
Child – Doc. EX.CL/338 (XI) 1
20. EX.CL/Dec.367 (XI) Decision on the Status of Negotiations of
Economic Partnership Agreements with the
European Union – Doc. EX.CL/358 (XI) 1
21. EX.CL/Dec.368 (XI) Decision on the Management of Africa’s
Natural Resources – Doc. EX.CL/356 (XI) 1
22. EX.CL/Dec.369 (XI) Decision on the Position of Executive
Secretary for the United Nations Convention
to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) – Doc.
EX.CL/356(XI) 1

23. EX.CL/Dec.370 (XI) Decision on the Conference of African
Ministers in Charge of Border Issues held in
Addis Ababa, on 7 June 2007 – Doc. EX.CL/353 (XI) 1
24. EX.CL/Dec.371 (XI) Decision on the Report of the Board of
External Auditors for the Pan-African
Parliament – Doc. EX.CL/334 (XI) 1
25. EX.CL/Dec.372 (XI) Decision on the 22nd Activity Report of the
African Commission on Human and Peoples’
Rights – Doc. EX.CL/364 (XI) 2
26, EX.CL/Dec.373 (XI) Decision on the Election of the Members of
the African Commission on Human and
Peoples’ Rights – Doc. EX.CL/365 (XI) 1
27. EX.CL/Dec.374 (XI) Decision on Conflict Situations in Africa –
Doc. EX.CL/356 (XI) 2
28. EX.CL/Dec.375 (XI) Decision on the Special Purpose Audit on the
First Conference on Intellectuals of Africa
and the Diaspora (CIAD I), Dakar – 2004 –
Doc. EX.CL/333 (XI) 1
29. EX.CL/Dec.376 (XI) Decision on African Candidatures for Posts
within the International System
– Doc. EX.CL/355 (XI) 4
30. EX.CL/Dec.377 (XI) Decision on Contributions
– Doc. EX.CL/337 (XI) 1
1. EX.CL/Decl.1 (XI) Declaration on the Situation in Cote d’Ivoire 1

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Monday, June 25, 2007 - 08:00
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