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Executive Council Sixteenth Ordinary Session

1 EX.CL/ Dec.521(XVI) Decision on Contribution of Member States –
Doc. Ex.CL/535(XVI)c1
2 EX.CL/Dec.522(XVI) Decision on the AU Calendar of Meetings for
the Period January to December 2010 – Doc.
3 EX.CL/Dec.523(XVI) Decision on the African Union Staff
Regulations and Rules – Doc. EX.CL/536(XVI)1
4 EX.CL/Dec.524(XVI) Decision on the Budget for the African Union
for the 2010 Financial Year – Doc.
5 EX.CL/Dec.525(XVI) Decision on the Theme of the January 2011
6 EX.CL/Dec.526(XVI) Decision on the Status of Signature and
Ratification of OAU/AU Treaties – Doc.
7 EX.CL/Dec.527(XVI) Decision on the Report and
Recommendations of the Commission on the
Study on the African Union Representational
Offices – Doc. EX.CL/541(XVI)1
8 EX.CL/Dec.528(XVI) Decision on Compliance with the Financial
Rules and the use of Arrears in the
Supplementary Budget of the African Union1
9 EX.CL/Dec.529(XVI) Decision on the Situation of Refugees,
Returnees and Internally Displaced Person in
Africa – Doc. EX.CL/542(XVI)1
10 EX.CL/Dec.530(XVI) Decision on the Activity Report of the Sub-
Committee on Multilateral Cooperation – Doc.
11 EX.CL/Dec.531(XVI) Decision on the Second Africa-South America
(ASA) Summit – Doc. EX.CL/544(XVI)2
12 EX.CL/Dec.532(XVI) Decision on the Report of the Fourth
Ministerial Conference of the Forum on China-
Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) – Doc.
13 EX.CL/Dec.533(XVI) Decision on the Report of the Second Korea-
Africa Forum – Doc. EX.CL/544(XVI)1

14 EX.CL/Dec.534(XVI) Decision on Election Observation1
15 EX.CL/Dec.535(XVI) Decision on Afro-Arab Cooperation - Doc.
16 EX.CL/Dec.536(XVI) Decision on the Participation of the
Commission of the African Union in the World
Exposition in Shanghai , China – Doc.
17 EX.CL/Dec.537(XVI) Decision on the Ministerial Committee on the
Review of the Scale of Assessment1
18 EX.CL/Dec.538(XVI) Decision on the Report of the Seventh
Meeting of the African Union/Regional
Economic Communities/United Nations
Economic Commission for Africa and African
Development Bank Coordination Committee –
Doc. EX.CL/552(XVI) 1
19 EX.CL/Dec.539(XVI) Decision on the Establishment of the Fund for
African Women 1
20 EX.CL/Dec.540(XVI) Decision on African Integration – Doc.
EX.CL/572(XVI) 1
21 EX.CL/Dec.541(XVI) Decision on the Seventh Ordinary Session of
the African Union (AU) Labour and Social
Affairs Commission (LSAC) – Doc.
EX.CL/555(XVI) 2
22 EX.CL/Dec.542(XVI) Decision on the Second African Union
Conference of Ministers Responsible for
Maritime Transport – Doc. EX.CL/556(XVI) 1
23 EX.CL/Dec.543(XVI) Decision on the Report of the 3rd Session of
the African Union Conference of Ministers of
Sport (CAMS3) – Doc. EX.CL/557(XVI) 2
24 EX.CL/Dec.544(XVI) Decision on the 7th Session of the African
Population Commission – Doc.
EX.CL/558(XVI) 1
25 EX.CL/Dec.545(XVI) Decision on the Report of the Extraordinary
Session of the African Union Conference of
Ministers in Charge of Communication and
Information Technology (CITMC) – Doc.
EX.CL/559(XVI) 2
26 EX.CL/Dec.546(XVI) Decision on the Report of the Second African
Union Conference of Ministers Responsible for Hydrocarbons (Oil & Gas) – Doc.
EX.CL/563(XVI) 1
27 EX.CL/Dec.547(XVI) Decision on the Fourth Ordinary Session of
the Conference of Ministers of Education of
the African Union (COMEDAF IV) – Doc.
EX.CL/562(XVI) 1
28 EX.CL/Dec.548(XVI) Decision on the Twenty-Seventh Activity
Report of the African Commission on Human
and Peoples’ Rights – Doc. EX.CL/575(XVI) 1
29 EX.CL/Dec.549(XVI) Decision on Alternative sources of Financing
the African Union – Doc. EX.Cl/564(XVI) 1
30 EX.CL/Dec.550(XVI) Decision on the Annexes to the Statutes of the
African Investment Bank – Doc.
EX.CL/564(XVI) 1
31 EX.CL/Dec.551(XVI) Decision on Microfinance – Doc.
EX.CL/564(XVI) 1
32 EX.CL/Dec.552(XVI) Decision on the Report of Activities of the
African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights
– Doc. EX.CL/576(XVI) 1
33 EX.CL/Dec.553(XVI) Decision on Election of the Members of the
Peace and Security Council of the African
Union – Doc. EX.CL/578(XVI) 1
34 EX.CL/Dec.554(XVI) Decision on African Candidatures within the
International System – Doc. EX.CL/577(XVI) 2
35 EX.CL/Dec.555(XVI) Decision on the Situation in Palestine and
Middle East – Doc. EX.CL/571(XVI) 3

Monday, January 25, 2010 - 11:00