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African Union Commission on International Law

Fifth Forum on International Law and African Union Law

December 05, 2016 to December 06, 2016

Fifth Forum on International Law and African Union Law

The theme for the Fifth Edition of the AUCIL forum was: “the role of Africa in developing International law”.

The Forum surveyed the methods in which Africa has engaged and is continuously interacting with international law-making processes; examined the practice of African States in their interactions with each other, and with other states in the international community; investigated the role played by African states in international organizations in the context of development and codification of new rules of international law; analyzed ways of progressively contributing to the development of international law in Africa; and identified the challenges in which Africa has in contributing to the development of international law.


AUCIL Forums are held annually following the inaugural forum in December 2012, as a platform for discussing and interacting on matters of interest for Africa through the prism of international law and the African Union Law with the view of raising awareness on the necessity of accelerating regional integration, enlightening African decision makers on legal implications of regional integration, present the steps already achieved towards the African integration, identify ways to accelerate regional integration throughout the continent.