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Consultative Meeting on the Development of a Model Law on Housing, Human Settlements and Urban Development in Africa

July 30, 2018

Consultative Meeting on the Development of a Model Law on Housing, Human Settlements and Urban Development in Africa

Nairobi, Kenya 30 July 2018: A Consultative Meeting on the Development of a Model Law on Housing, Human Settlements and Urban Development in Africa kicked off on 30 July 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of this meeting is to provide an opportunity and platform for exchange and engagement for the development of a Model law for the promotion of sustainable urban development in Africa.
Mr. Issaka Garba Abdou, on behalf of the Director for Political Affairs, Dr. Khabele Matlosa welcomed the representative of the UN-Habitat, UNECA, colleagues and participants at the meeting. He reiterated that, the continent is experiencing increased urbanization rates which sadly has not been accompanied with commensurate industrial growth which has largely contributed to serious economic, social and spatial developmental challenges to Governments, especially in the supply of housing and its accompanying infrastructure, resulting in unplanned settlements, increased urban sprawl and chaotic urban growth.
He then concludes with the wish that, the meeting will provide an opportunity and platform for the development of a model law as an alternative instrument that will promote sustainable urban development in Africa, through sharing of best practices and experiences.

In her remarks, Ms. Sandra Zawelde, representing the UNECA thanked the AU Specialized Technical Committee (STC) 8 Secretariat for their leadership in taking this initiative, as well as the partners on taking on the proactive roles and supporting the ongoing efforts in establishing an instrument for housing, human settlements and urban development in Africa. She further thanked the experts for making time to be part of this meeting, and reiterated the support of ECA in this process. She once again thanked all for their participation at this meeting and looks forward to its outcome, which will further influence the harmonized framework for the NUA.

The Representative of the UN-Habitat, Mr. Doudou Nbaye, on his part thanked the AU STC 8 Secretariat together with all the other partners attending this meeting for keeping the momentum in regards to this important issue of urbanization on the continent. He mentioned that, the development of the Model Law aims to advance enabling conditions for the transformation of the quality of life for Africans, based on Agenda 2063. He highlighted that, the proliferation of poorly equipped or maintained neighborhoods, inefficient construction sector, and limited qualified urban planning experts are contributing to insecure, unhealthy and unattractive cities and villages with low sustainable job opportunities. He reiterated the importance of innovative approaches to come up with a unique methodology of conducting meta-analysis of existing tools and drafting this model law. He then emphasized that, local authorities, sub-government sections and governments must be mobilized to be part of this process before wishing all participants a successful brainstorming towards the development of this model law.
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