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African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage


The Campaign is aimed at promoting, protecting and advocating for the rights of women and girls in Africa. The overall purpose for the Campaign, which will run over an initial span of 4 years, (2014 – 2017), is to accelerate an end of child marriage in Africa by enhancing continental awareness of the implications of the practice by supporting legal and policy actions in the protection and promotion of human rights; mobilizing continental awareness of the negative socio-economic impact of child marriage; building social movement and social mobilization at the grassroots and national levels and increasing the capacity of non-state actors to undertake evidence based policy advocacy including the role of youth leadership through new media technology, monitoring and evaluation among others. The Campaign works towards building on existing activities of governments and partners in ending child marriage and is based on advocacy, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) as well as the facilitation of technical assistance and capacity building.

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