Assembly of the African Union Sixteenth Ordinary Session

• Decision on the Implementation of the previous decisions of the executive council and the assembly - Doc. EX.CL/623(XVIII)
• Decision on The Continental Launch of the African Women’s Decade - Doc. EX.CL/629(XVIII)
• Decision on the Implementation of the Decisions on the International Criminal Court (ICC) – Doc. EX.CL/639(XVIII)
• Decision on the Abuse of the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction – Doc. EX.CL/640(XVIII)
• Decision on the Reports on the Implementation of the African Union Solemn Declaration on Gender Equality in Africa – Doc. EX.CL/643(XVIII)
• Decision on the African Charter on the Values and Principles of Public Service and Administration – Doc. EX.CL/645(XVIII)
• Decision on the Report of the Peace and Security Council on its activities and the state of Peace and Security in Africa – Doc. Assembly/AU/5(XVI)
• Decision on the Final Report of the Chairperson of the Commission on the Year of Peace and Security in Africa – Dpc. Assembly/AU/6(XVI)
• Decision on the Hissene Habre Case – Doc. Assembly/AU/9(XVI)
• Decision on the Transformation of the African Union Commission into the African Union Authority – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 0(XVI)
• Decision on the Sixteenth Conference Nations Framework Convention Sixth Conference of Parties to Assembly/AU/11 (XVI) of Parties to the United on Climate Change and the the Kyoto Protocol – Doc.
• Decision on Africa-Arab Cooperation – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 2(XVI)
• Decision on the Africa-European Union Dialogue – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 3(XVI)
• Decision on the Outcome of G20 Summit – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 4(XVI)
• Decision on the Theme, Date and Venue of the Seventeenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union
• Decision on the Theme of the Eighteenth Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union in January 2012
• Decision on the Report of Heads of State and Government Orientation Committee (HSGOC) on New Partnership for Africa’ Development (NEPAD) – Doc. Assembly/AU/7(XVI)
• Decision on the Eight Report of the Committee of Ten on The United Nations Security Council Reform – Doc. Assembly/AU/8(XVI)
• Decision on the Offer of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to Host the Twenty First Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the Union, June/July 2013 – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI)
• Decision on the Establishment of an African Union Centre for Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development (AUCPCRD) – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.2
• Decision on the Report on Africa’s Participation in the Nagoya Conference on Biodiversity – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.3
• Decision on the Forthcoming Centenary of the African National Congress – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.4
• Decision on the Global African Diaspora Summit Consultative Process – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.5
• Decision on Women as a Resource for Sustainable Development and Economic Growth in Africa –Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.6
• Decision on the Mandatory Application of the Principle of Geographical Representation in All African Union Organs which have elected Members – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.7
• Decision on the Establishment of a Continental Programme to Valorise the African Liberation Heritage – Doc. Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.8
• Decision on the Yaoundé International Global Partnership for the Development Assembly/AU/1 5(XVI) Add.9 Conference “Africa 21”: of Africa –Doc.
• Decision on the Appointment of Members of the Advisory Board on Corruption – Doc. EX.CL/652(XVIII)
• Decision on Appointment of a Member of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child – Doc. EX.CL/653(XVIII)
• Decision on the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Organization of African Unity (OAU)
• Declaration on the Theme of the Summit : “Towards Greater Unity and Integration through Shared Values” – Doc. Assembly/AU/2(XVI)
• Declaration on Cultural Renaissance and Shared Values
• Solemn Declaration of the Assembly of the Union on Sudan
• Resolution on Chagos Archipelago

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