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Bid number Departments
November 09, 2018 AUC/DIC/IC/327 AUC CONSULTING SERVICES INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT Consulting Services- Digital Archivist & Librarian within the Directorate of Information & Communication
November 09, 2018 AUC Consultancy for Provision of Training Service for cyber security based on Open source tools EC-COUNCIL Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) and Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)
November 07, 2018 ET-AUC-81954-CS-QCBS AUC Consulting Services for Revamping of the AUC Internet Portal
November 16, 2018 AUC/OLC/C/325 AUC Consultancy Services for Implementation of a Contract Management System
November 02, 2018 WGDD/C/267/2018 AUC Terms of Reference Consultacy to Develop a Documentary on the African Women’s Decade (AWD), 2010-2020
October 27, 2018 AUC/ACDC/C/378 AUC Individual Consultant Request for Expression of Interest Provision of Consultancy Services to Support Development of Africa CDC’s Public-Private-Philanthropic Initiative
November 30, 2018 AUC Registration of Companies for the Supply of Goods, Services and Provision of Works To The African Union
November 16, 2018 AUC/IED/C/380 AUC REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS :Consultancy Services to undertake Resource Assessment and GIS Mapping Assessment for Small Hydropower Potential in Eastern and Southern Africa
October 30, 2018 AUC/WGDD/C/270/18 AUC Consultancy Services to Facilitate the Operationalization of PAWO in to AU Specialized Agency
October 30, 2018 AUC/WGDD/C/269/18 AUC Consultancy Service to Manage the Implementation of the African Women’s Legacy Project
November 09, 2018 AUC/AHRM/MIS/G/90 AUC Supply & Delivery of Network Equipment
November 09, 2018 AUC/AHRM/MIS/G/82 AUC Supply, Installation, configuration, Testing and Implementation of Compute Infrastructure for the Data Centre
November 09, 2018 AUC/ACDC/C/381 AUC Consultancy Services to Organize a Scientific Conference on Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases in Africa and the Role of National Public Health Institutes
November 09, 2018 AUC/ACDC/C/382 AUC Consultancy Services to Consultancy Services to Manage an Online Public Health Journal for Africa CDC
November 02, 2018 ET-AUC-78675-CS-QCBS AUC REOI - Consultancy Services for SAP Grant Management Implementation Support
November 09, 2018 AUC/PRO/G/27 Supply and Delivery of Tents, Chairs and Tables
November 08, 2018 06/NPCA/CS/ADMIN/FMC/2018 AUC Advertisement of IFB: Supply of various branded promotional material, Design & layout services, printing of various documents and copy, editing & proof reading services
October 23, 2018 AUC/WGDD/C/271 AUC Terms of Reference – Consultancy Service Knowledge Management Expert: Women, Gender and Development Directorate (WGDD) Plicy Platforms
October 23, 2018 AUC/WGDD/C/269 AUC Terms of Reference Consultancy Service to Develop a Booklet on African Women Who Contributed to Anti-Apartheid and Anti-Colonial Liberation Struggles
November 07, 2018 AUC/ACDC/C/379 AUC Conducting Consultancy Services for a Consulting Firm to Establish and Strengthen the Network of National Institutes of Health for Portuguese Speaking Countries in Africa
October 26, 2018 AUC/IED/C/379 AUC REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Consultancy Services to Prepare a Solar Energy Policy Framework for Africa
November 02, 2018 AUC/IED/C/378 AUC Consultancy Services: Designing a Programme for Renewable Energy Development in African Island States (REAIS)
November 02, 2018 AUC/CDP/ICB-G/02/2018 AUC Supply, Delivery and Installation of Network Equipment at AUC HQ